Val Incoll sought refuge in drawing and painting from a very early age. Pencil, ink, charcoal and pastels were early escapes into the magical world of creation. Venturing into oils opened up a whole new world and began a love affair with this exciting medium.

Once hooked on the fluidity of oils Val Incoll knew she had found the medium she desired to portray the feelings and emotions she wanted to lay down on canvas. Val Incoll paints from her heart and has never lost that feeling of excitement every time she begins a new painting. "For others to 'feel' the painting, not just 'see' the painting is what's important".

Original Oil Paintings by Commission

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Artwork about Price
$ AU
Frame size mm
width x height
Stratford on Avon, England Sold
Summit of Wave Rock,
Hyden, Western Australia
Ulyssys and the Sirens sold
Central Park, NY at night sold
Pelicans at Melbourne Zoo
Still Life / Clown with Candle
Original Not For Sale

Still Life / Clown with Bottle
Original Not For Sale

Bush Fire
Still Life / Hearth Brush on Oregon Not For Sale
Tavern,(taken from a postcard scene)
details of original artist unknown
Not For Sale
ce Lake, Switzerland
Hertfordshire, St. Albans, England Not For Sale
Colin, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia Sold
Dromana, Victoria, Australia sold
Beech Forest, England sold
Palm, Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Darling River
North of Menindee Lakes, NSW, Australia
Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Cattle Muster
Northern Territory, Australia
Gooney Bird over Melbourne, Australia sold
Mulga Tree, Central Australia
Sunset Ice
Pencil Nude Not For Sale
Spirit of the Plains
Copy of original by Sydney Long, 1914
Not For Sale
Bristol Beaufort sold
Dambusters (Portrait of Don)
Idea from movie poster by unknown artist
Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia
Torii, Miyajima Island, Japan sold, USA
Yellowstone NP, Montana, USA sold, USA
Cornish Coast, England sold
Winged Horse
Copy of poster by unknown artist
Not For Sale
Niagra Falls, Buffalo, USA sold

In the meantime

Val has been writing books, first an Autobiography, then The Magic Rock, a childrens adventure story, followed by the adult novels, 'Enya', 'Enemy on Home Soil' and her latest novel, 'Invisible Threat'.



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